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Come Out and Play – Pato

Conservation Corner – Air Pollution

Cool Kind Kid – Challengers

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Letter From Truman

Hi, Kids!

Last month we talked about food webs and producers and consumers. This month we are looking at producers and consumers in a different way – economically. I think you might be surprised at how it all works. Check out the “Connections” section to learn more.

I got to talk with Roy Underhill this month. He is a woodwright – someone who works with wood. He makes all kinds of things using wood and hand-powered tools. Not only does he know how to build furniture, but he also makes fun things like toys. Read my interview with him in the “What’s it like to be…” section.

Speaking of toys, we take a peek at one of the world’s famous toy stores – FAO Schwarz in New York City. You can read more about that in the “Where in the World” section. I love to play with toys – and board games, too. What is your favorite toy?