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February 14 & 19

For many Americans, February means Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Day means giving cards and gifts and eating a lot of chocolate. Every year on Feb. 14, Americans spend billions of dollars on candy, cards, flowers and other gifts to give to their loved ones, but the reason this tradition started is […]

Whats It Like To Be

Algorithm Engineer

Wild Weather Jobs: Algorithm Engineer
Jamese Sims, Ph.D.

If you look at a weather satellite up close, you can tell it’s a pretty complicated piece of hardware. What you can’t see are the hundreds of algorithms – math equations written in computer language – which allow the satellite to collect weather information, […]

NASA Space Place

There are many places on Earth where it snows, but did you know it snows on other worlds, too? Here are just a few of the places where you might find snow beyond Earth:

The north pole and south pole of Mars have ice caps that grow and shrink with the seasons. These […]

Cultural Connections | February 2018

Newfoundland Uglystick

The music in Newfoundland and Labrador has a strong connection to fishing. The first people to settle in the region – Irish, Scots, French and English were all fisherman. In addition to their families, they brought their traditional instruments and songs. Many men shared their songs while they worked and while relaxing in […]

Come Out and Play | February 2018

Pitch and toss or pitching pennies is a relatively simple but ancient game. The oldest known version of the game was played by the ancient Greeks, who used bronze coins.

Over the years, the game spread. Through the ages, people used different kinds of coins, but the main points of the game remain the […]

Where In The World | February 2018

The foggiest place in the world.

Grand Banks, Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador comprise a province in Canada. Labrador is the larger mainland section in the northeast of Canada. Newfoundland is a large island off the coast. The sea and its currents play a huge role in daily life for the people who live in […]

Wildville February 2018

Snowy Owl

The snowy owl is a unique animal native to the Arctic regions. One of the bird’s most striking features is important for its survival in the snowy habitat. The male owls have almost entirely white feathers. Older males are usually whiter. The female owls are usually darker and have white feathers covered in […]

Kidsville Connections February 2018

Everything around us is matter. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space like air, food and paper. Matter exists in three major states: solid, liquid and gas. All matter is made up of atoms. How tightly the atoms are packed together determines something’s state.

In solids, atoms are tightly packed together, […]

Weather – Winter Precipitation

A snowflake begins to form when an extremely cold water droplet freezes onto a pollen or dust particle in the sky. This creates an ice crystal. As the ice crystal falls to the ground, water vapor freezes onto the crystal, building new crystals – the six arms of a snowflake.

There are other types […]

Around The World | January 2018

While the gold found in North America was usually in the form of dust or very fine grains, it was commonplace in Australia to find nuggets of gigantic size and value. The largest of these, the “Holtermann Nugget,” weighed more than 600 pounds (290 kg)!

In America, a common form of gold mining was called […]