Air Pollution

Air pollution can be a very scary thing, but there are ways to make a difference. By using things like solar and wind energy, less fossil fuels will be burned, and that reduces the particles and gases released into the air. More energy-efficient cars that use cleaner fuels will do the same thing. Recycling and trying not to waste energy at home will also help to keep the air clean. One of the most effective ways that people car reduce air pollution is by trying to use the car less. This means walking, riding a bike, taking a bus or carpooling. Fewer cars on the road means less pollution in the air.

Clean air is important for living healthy and happy lives. Here are some facts about air pollution:
• Burning coal releases particles in the air that make it dark and dirty.
• When pollution and fog mix, it is called smog and is very hard to see through, which can be dangerous to breathe but also to drive in.
• Cars pollute the air with carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that come from burning gas.
• Carpooling is a great way to reduce the amount of pollution caused by cars. So is walking, taking the bus or riding a bike.
• When the air is polluted, the rain can also be polluted. This is called acid rain. Acid rain can be strong enough to take paint off of cars.
• Smoking can also pollute the air, especially if it is inside.
• People breathe around 20,000 liters of air each day.
• Pesticides, which kill the bugs that try and get into homes and onto crops, can also be a dangerous pollutant.
• Pollution affects the entire environment.

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