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Come and Play – May 2017

Windowsill Gardens Windowsill gardens are a wonderful way to bring some of nature’s bounty indoors. While there are many plants that thrive indoors, many people choose to plant herbs in windowsill gardens because many herbs thrive in containers and don’t require a lot of attention. There are a few things that will help make an […]

Come Out and Play – April 2017


Kokan is a traditional aboriginal sport similar to the game of hockey. The game originates from the area around the Torres Strait. A strait is a narrow passage of water that connects two larger areas of water. This strait connects the Coral Sea with the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria. This strait […]

Come Out and Play – March 2017


Ringo is a fun game that comes from Poland. It is a relatively young game; it is only 50 years old. It was invented by Wlodzimierz Stryzewski. He is also famous for being a fencer and a journalist. Originally, the game was
part of training for fencing, but the creator realized that these […]

COME OUT AND PLAY – February 2017

How To Make The Best Snowman

Like rain and sleet, snow is a kind of precipitation – one that can be a lot of fun! People have been playing with snow for centuries. In the Middles Ages, building with snow was seen as an art form. Even famous artists like Michelangelo, would spend hours using […]

Come Out and Play – Football

American football has a long history that the National Football League traces back to 1869 when it developed out of Rugby. e rules were officially written in 1876 by Walter Camp, the father of American football, at the Massasoit Convention. The first professional football player was William Heffelfinger, who was paid $500 to play in […]


Soccer, or football as it is known in many places, has a long history. It started in England in 1863. e Football Association in England was formed when rugby and football started to split. Since then, the game has spread across the globe. It was most likely brought to many di erent countries by English […]

Come Out and Play- Horseshoes

The game of horseshoes is a classic American pastime. It is common to play it outside on beautiful summer days. The game didn’t start in America. It is much older. Historians think that it goes all the way back to the Greeks. One of the most popular games in Grecian Games was called discus. A […]

Come Out And Play – Box Ball

Foursquare, or Box Ball as it was known in much of Philadelphia, is a popular playground game across the United States. The game has been compared to a miniature version of tennis that originated in Europe centuries ago. The Foursquare that is common today became popular around World War I and World War II. Of course, the rules […]


The Berbers, or as they call themselves the Amazigh, are an ethnic group native to North Africa. Amazigh is thought to mean “free people.” They are related to the ancient Egyptians and they live throughout Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Niger and Mauritania. In previous years, they were much more populous, but they have […]

Come Out and Play- Ulama

Ulama is a Mesoamerican game that was popular in ancient Central America. The Mayans called the game Pok a Tok and the Aztecs called it Tlachtli. Today, it is called Ulama. Originally it was a very harsh and violent game. People were often harmed and some even died. It is the oldest team sport in […]