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Come Out and Play- Ulama

Ulama is a Mesoamerican game that was popular in ancient Central America. The Mayans called the game Pok a Tok and the Aztecs called it Tlachtli. Today, it is called Ulama. Originally it was a very harsh and violent game. People were often harmed and some even died. It is the oldest team sport in […]

Come Out and Play – Bowling

Bowling can be a lot of fun. Did you know that children in the Colonial era bowled, too? e game they played was a little different, though. Instead of going to a bowling alley and using a ball to try to knock down 10 pins, they played a game called Nine Pin. […]

Soviet Games

From 1922 to 1991, Russia was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, or the U.S.S.R. For many of the nation’s citizens this was a very difficult time. There were strict rules to follow and few goods to purchase. It was difficult for families to get food, let alone toys for the children. Even though […]

Double Ball

As Louis and Clark travelled exploring the Louisiana Purchase they faced many obstacles. They had to find, food, shelter and water in an unfamiliar landscape. Often the land itself made it difficult for them to travel with tall mountains and thick rivers. Along the way they met many Native American people who helped them survive. […]

The Golden Gate is Open

The Golden Gate Is Open is a fun and easy game to play with a few friends. It can be played outdoors or inside, wherever there is enough room to run around a little. It is a simple and easy game without any real winner or losers.

How to play:
• To play the […]

Come Out and Play – Queimada

Queimada is a game popular all over South America. It is similar to the popular American game dodge ball and has variations played all over the world. It is a simple game that can be played with just a few or many friends. It is easy and fun to play, which is why variations of […]

Come Out and Play – Trompo

Trompo or Trompos is a traditional game popular in much of Latin America, including Ecuador. Children of all ages can play this game. The Trompo is a special top. They were originally made of wood, but they can also be made of plastic or metal. The tops are pear-shaped amd fat on the top […]

Come Out and Play – Tiger Gamer

Bagh-Chal is the national game of Nepal. It is a very old strategy game that was originally created by Himalayan herders. The name of the game can be roughly translated to “Moving Tiger” and it mimics the daily work of the herders. It is played by two players with unequal forces. One player controls 20 […]

Come Out and Play – Hockey

Ice Hockey is strongly associated with Canada, but it is played both in North America and Europe, too. Many believe it is an evolution from traditional ball and stick games played all over the world for thousands of years. People played these games on whatever terrains were available, and when populations started moving north they […]

Come Out and Play – Bomba

Here’s how to play:
• First one person should be chosen to be “it.”
• Everyone else should form a circle around the “it” person.
• The player in the middle should close their eyes and count silently to themselves.
• The players in the circle should pass (not throw the […]