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Come Out and Play | Pickup Sticks

What’s the first game you remember learning how to play? Is it UNO, Connect Four or tic tac toe? Well, grown-ups may not think of it often, but games are a part of our culture, and in China, pick-up sticks is very much so a part of their cultural history.

The game […]

Come Out & Play October 2017

Children play many traditional games in India. Most are team games with simple rules that don’t require a lot of equipment. These are the perfect games to play with friends outside on a sunny day. One game is called Satoliya. It is not known where this game originated, but it is very popular in a […]

Come Out & Play September 2017

Kukeri is an ancient celebration that is still practiced in Bulgaria. The festival has been traced back to some of the first people who settled in the region, the Thracians. However, it is thought that the settlers may have brought the pagan festival with them from Greece. There are similar festivals in surrounding areas called […]

Come Out and Play – August 2017

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is an ancient game that can be traced back thousands of years. It is widely considered the oldest sport in world history. There is evidence of the game recorded as early as 5200 BCE. The Greeks started playing a similar game between 800 and 600 BCE after they learned the game […]

Come Out and Play – July 2017


It is a style of performance that was made popular by David Shepherd and Paul Sills in Chicago in 1955. It is a type of theater, but it is unique because there are no scripts. Instead, actors go out on stage and spontaneously make up the scenes they perform. There are two types of […]

Fossil Dig

A paleontologist is a scientist that studies fossils. There are many ways and methods for these scientists to do their work. One common and important rst step is excavating the fossils. This means removing the fossils from where they are buried. Even when the fossils are huge, this is very delicate work. ere is a […]

Come and Play – May 2017

Windowsill Gardens Windowsill gardens are a wonderful way to bring some of nature’s bounty indoors. While there are many plants that thrive indoors, many people choose to plant herbs in windowsill gardens because many herbs thrive in containers and don’t require a lot of attention. There are a few things that will help make an […]

Come Out and Play – April 2017


Kokan is a traditional aboriginal sport similar to the game of hockey. The game originates from the area around the Torres Strait. A strait is a narrow passage of water that connects two larger areas of water. This strait connects the Coral Sea with the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria. This strait […]

Come Out and Play – March 2017


Ringo is a fun game that comes from Poland. It is a relatively young game; it is only 50 years old. It was invented by Wlodzimierz Stryzewski. He is also famous for being a fencer and a journalist. Originally, the game was
part of training for fencing, but the creator realized that these […]

COME OUT AND PLAY – February 2017

How To Make The Best Snowman

Like rain and sleet, snow is a kind of precipitation – one that can be a lot of fun! People have been playing with snow for centuries. In the Middles Ages, building with snow was seen as an art form. Even famous artists like Michelangelo, would spend hours using […]