Come Out and Play – March 2017


Ringo is a fun game that comes from Poland. It is a relatively young game; it is only 50 years old. It was invented by Wlodzimierz Stryzewski. He is also famous for being a fencer and a journalist. Originally, the game was
part of training for fencing, but the creator realized that these training exercises could also be used just as a fun competition between friends. e game is similar to volleyball. In 1989, the Polish Ringo Association was founded, and in 1993, the International Ringo Foundation was created. e game is now played all over the world; there are even European and World Championships.

  • The first step to playing the game is to and a place to play. A volleyball court is perfect, but a tennis court could also work.
  • There should be a team on both sides of the net. A team could be made of one to three players. Teams should have an even number of players.
  • The only other important equipment is one or two hollow rubber rings, this is called the Ringo.
  • A Frisbee can be a good substitute.
  • The first team to score 15 points wins.
  • Teams throw the Ringo over the net.
  • The Ringo can’t touch the ground, go out of bounds, touch the net or touch any part of the body other than the hand.
  • It can only be caught with one hand.
  • A team scores a point if the other side doesn’t catch the Ringo correctly.
  • A team loses points if the Ringo isn’t thrown properly.
  • The Ringo can’t be held for more than ve seconds and must be thrown with the same hand that caught it.
  • Once a player catches the Ringo, they can’t move until they throw it.
  • The thrower must also keep one foot on the ground always.
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