COME OUT AND PLAY – February 2017

How To Make The Best Snowman

Like rain and sleet, snow is a kind of precipitation – one that can be a lot of fun! People have been playing with snow for centuries. In the Middles Ages, building with snow was seen as an art form. Even famous artists like Michelangelo, would spend hours using the snow to build complicated and beautiful sculptures. Making snow sculptures is still popular today, but perhaps the most popular type is the snowman. Some people still spend hours making extreme sculptures, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Anyone can have fun in the snow and make a fantastic snowman.

  • The best snow to build with is slightly wet.
  • If the snow is too dry, you can spray a little misty water on it to help with building.
  • Start by making snowballs and then roll them on the ground so they pick up snow and grow.
  • Try to make the balls as round as possible.
  • The largest ball should be the bottom of the snowman.
  • Most snowmen are made of three balls.
  • Pick a at place away from direct sunlight to build your snowman.
  • The balls stack better if they are attened on the top and bottom.
  • Adding more snow to where the di erent balls meet can help make it more stable.
  • For even more stability, you can put a stick vertically through the center of the snowman.
  • After the snowman is finished, spray it with water so the top layer will freeze and keep the snowman from melting.
  • Pay attention to how much snow you have before you decide how big to make the snowman.

It is fun to be creative when decorating your snowman. The traditional way includes using sticks for arms, a carrot for a nose and buttons for eyes, but a snowman can look like anything you want. For example, use food coloring and water to paint a smile or designs on the sculpture. Using different clothes like scarves and hats can also give the snowman a unique personality. Just make sure to get permission before using any clothes!

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