Soviet Games

From 1922 to 1991, Russia was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, or the U.S.S.R. For many of the nation’s citizens this was a very difficult time. There were strict rules to follow and few goods to purchase. It was difficult for families to get food, let alone toys for the children. Even though the children who lived in the U.S.S.R. didn’t really have many toys, this did not stop them from playing and having fun with their friends. Here are a few games that were popular in the U.S.S.R.

• To play, you need at least three people (you can have more) and one ball.
• One player is It.
• The rest of the players should stand in a line facing the player that is It.
• The It player passes the ball to the other players while saying either edible (apple, corn, orange, potato) or inedible (rocks, iron, plastic) things.
• The participants should catch the ball if the leader says an edible thing or knock the ball away if it is inedible.
• The game gets harder as the It player throws the ball quicker and randomly mixes up the words.
• If the players accidentally catch a ball on an inedible word, they become the It player.

• To play you need at least three players and one small object like a ring, small rock or button.
• To play, the It player holds the ring in cupped hands.
• The other players sit in a row with open cupped hands and close their eyes.
• The It player goes to each player and says “I wear the ring, and then give it to someone.
• While saying this, the It player should secretly give the object to one player.
• Then the It player says “Ring-Ring, come out to the Porch!”
• The player given the object should jump up and try to run to the designated safe zone.
• All the other players should try to tag the player with the object.
• If they make it to the safe zone, the player with the object is It.
• If they are caught, then the player that caught them is It.


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