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Conservation Corner

Did You Know?

Outdoor exercise can benefit both the planet and the people doing the exercising. By exercising outdoors
instead of at home or at indoor fitness centers, men and women can reduce their carbon footprints. Exercising in the great outdoors does not require the use of energy-consuming fitness machines.
In addition, when […]


Can You Imagine A World With No Plants

Sure, it would look weird, but think about all the useful things plants do.
They produce oxygen.
They are a food source for people and animals.
They provide materials that we use to make clothes, medicines, houses, paper and more.
They reduce erosion […]

Come Out and Play – April 2017


Kokan is a traditional aboriginal sport similar to the game of hockey. The game originates from the area around the Torres Strait. A strait is a narrow passage of water that connects two larger areas of water. This strait connects the Coral Sea with the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria. This strait […]

What’s It Like To Be- March 2017

An Economist

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Tibor Besedes and I am associate professor of economics at Georgia Institute of Technology. I was born in Croatia and came to the U.S. in 1995 to attend college. I obtained my undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University in 1998 and […]

Wildville- March 2017


Bison are symbols of the American Midwest, but few people know that there are also bison roaming through the forests of Poland as well. Originally, the European bison lived in forests all over Europe from Russia to Sweden. Unfortunately, the wild European bison were hunted to extinction in 1927. Less than 50 existed, […]

Where In The World- March 2017

Where in World Is Poland

The first people to permanently live in Poland were the Slavs. They moved there in the Middle Ages. For many years, the people living in Poland lived as separate tribes. In 966 A.D., the tribes were united by Chief Mieszko, who then became the prince of Polska. He was a […]

Weather- March 2017

What Is The Atmosphere

You may have heard people mention the atmosphere before. But do you know what it is? The atmosphere is a layer of gases that surrounds the earth. It contains the air we breathe and all the weather that you see, and it also protects us from outer space.

The atmosphere is […]

Truman’s Letter- March 2017

Hi, Kids!

This issue is about economics, more specifically, the Great Depression. It was a hard time for a lot of people. You can read more about it in the “Connections” section.

The Great Depression affected the entire Western world, including America and Europe, so “Wildville” talks about European bison. They are a bit different […]

Space Place- March 2017

Visiting an Asteroid

Our solar system is a busy place. We have the sun, eight planets, at least ve dwarf planets, and more than 170 moons. But we also have millions of comets and asteroids. One of these asteroids is named Bennu. Bennu is large, and it orbits the sun near the Earth’s orbit. is […]

Kidsville Kitchen – March 2017


Though March may mark the of cial arrival of spring, the warm weather synonymous with spring typically does not arrive until April or May.
St. Patrick’s Day celebrants who spend the day outdoors celebrating their Irish heritage would do well to warm up with a hearty meal once […]