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Letter From Truman – December 2016

Hi, Kids!
One of my favorite things about this world is how different things are. Animals, plants,
people and even buildings and cars are different. This makes the world an interesting place. But sometimes, when I am the one who feels different, all that variety doesn’t seem so great. My teacher tells […]

Truman’s Letter

Hi, Kids!

Have you ever been to the White House? It is an amazing building. Its history is pretty amazing, too. Did you know that in 1814 the British burned down the White House? It was during the War of 1812. James Madison was president at the time. He was away, but his wife and […]


Hi, Kids!

We are talking about government this month. Understanding our government and how it works is important. In fact, next month, on Tuesday, Nov. 8, our country will elect a new president.

This is something that happens every four years in America. You can learn more about some of the different types of government (because not […]

September 2016 – Letter From Truman

Hi, Kids!

We are in the middle of hurricane season, which seems like a good time to learn more about these impressive storms. Did you know that hurricanes can only form under specific circumstances? Northern Africa is where hurricanes commonly form. Another hurricane fact – there is an organization in charge of naming hurricanes. Learn […]

July 2016- Letter from Truman

Hi Kids!
I love going to birthday parties and celebrating with my friends and family. One of my very favorite birthday celebrations happens this month — America’s birthday! We celebrate it on July 4. My favorite part is going to see the fireworks. What are you doing this July 4th? If you would like to […]

June 2016 – Letter from Truman

Hi, Kids!

Can you imagine what life would be like if we could not drive cars or ride in trains or buses? What about if we had no heat or electricity for our homes and schools? It takes fuel to make these things happen. Most vehicles, homes, schools and businesses use fossil fuels to function. […]

May 2016 – Letter from Truman

Hi, Kids!

I love adventures! Do you? Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were two very lucky adventurers who lived in the 1800s. They got to explore a big part of North America in 1804-1806. They and their expedition party traveled about 8,000 miles on foot.

When Lewis and Clark explored western North America, there were […]

April 2016 – Letter from Truman

Hi, Kids!

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you so special? Of course, there are many things that make each of us unique. One of them is our genetics. We are each made up of genes that determine what we look like as well as other things like whether or not we […]

March 2016 – Letter from Truman

Hi, Kids!

Did you know that Earth is not round – only round-ish? I had no idea. When I learned about the many things that influence the shape of this big beautiful planet on which we live, I was surprised. And what I found out was quite interesting. Check out the “Connections” section to learn […]

February 2016 – Letter from Truman

Hi, Kids!

We know that ecosystems are interconnected systems where organisms interact and rely on each other. The Galapagos Islands have an especially interesting ecosystem. The plants and animals there are so unique that the government and other organizations are working hard to protect and preserve it. Read more about it in the “Connections” section.