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The Kurds are an indigenous people that live in a mountainous area called “Kurdistan” in the Middle East. This area is spread across several different countries: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Armenia. The Kurds don’t have an official country, but they are united by a similar culture, history and religious traditions. One traditional game that […]


Hopscotch is a fun playground game that people have been playing for centuries. There are many different variations of the game, but the basic idea is to hop on one foot and avoid stepping on the lines drawn on the ground.

Some of the first people to use hopscotch were Roman […]



Ring Taw, or marbles, is an ancient game that children have played for hundreds of years. Researchers think that ancient Romans played a similar game, though no one is sure of the exact rules. It was a tradition to give bags of nuts and marbles as a gift for the winter […]

Come Out and Play | February 2018

Pitch and toss or pitching pennies is a relatively simple but ancient game. The oldest known version of the game was played by the ancient Greeks, who used bronze coins.

Over the years, the game spread. Through the ages, people used different kinds of coins, but the main points of the game remain the […]

Come Out & Play | Quoits

Some sources suggest that Quoits is a variation of the ancient game of discus throwing that the Greeks and Romans enjoyed. It was played at the first Olympiad and was considered a martial sport because it could be used as a weapon. The game as it is currently played can be traced back to medieval […]

Come Out & Play | Kubb

It’s time to play Kubb, a Norwegian outdoor game that can be played when it’s sunny and 70 degrees or when there’s a foot of snow on the ground.
The basics of the game include knocking over blocks, or kubbs, by tossing batons/sticks, all of which are simple carved wooden game pieces. Each player […]

Come Out and Play | Pickup Sticks

What’s the first game you remember learning how to play? Is it UNO, Connect Four or tic tac toe? Well, grown-ups may not think of it often, but games are a part of our culture, and in China, pick-up sticks is very much so a part of their cultural history.

The game […]

Come Out & Play October 2017

Children play many traditional games in India. Most are team games with simple rules that don’t require a lot of equipment. These are the perfect games to play with friends outside on a sunny day. One game is called Satoliya. It is not known where this game originated, but it is very popular in a […]

Come Out & Play September 2017

Kukeri is an ancient celebration that is still practiced in Bulgaria. The festival has been traced back to some of the first people who settled in the region, the Thracians. However, it is thought that the settlers may have brought the pagan festival with them from Greece. There are similar festivals in surrounding areas called […]

Come Out and Play – August 2017

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is an ancient game that can be traced back thousands of years. It is widely considered the oldest sport in world history. There is evidence of the game recorded as early as 5200 BCE. The Greeks started playing a similar game between 800 and 600 BCE after they learned the game […]