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Space Place – August 2017


When you look up at the night sky and see stars, what you’re seeing is light produced by those stars many years ago. Because this is how we study the stars, it helps to know a few cool things about light. For example, light always travels […]

KidShape – August 2017

Music is everywhere:

on the radio, in movies and television shows and as a backdrop when shopping or celebrating milestones.

Music is an integral part of cultures all over the world. Music can express emotions not easily conveyed otherwise. It also provides a sense of community and belonging and can help unite the divided. Playing […]

Around The World – August 2017


Have you ever heard of the “Dog Days of Summer?” It doesn’t actually have anything to do with dogs. It has to do with the stars — one star, specifically. In ancient Greece, people believed that the constellation Canis Major (a dog) was chasing the rabbit constellation known as Lepus. The saying refers to […]

Cultural Connections – August 2017

Italy Art

Italy is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance

The Renaissance is a period that started in the late 14th century and lasted until the 17th century. This period is famous for its art. Instead of only focusing on religious stories and figures, artists started to focus on individual humans and human emotions. […]

Where in the World – August 2017


Italy is a European country famous for many things. It is known for its food, history and art. Italy has a long history with some of the world’s most powerful societies. The Greeks and Etruscans emerged in Italy around 800 BCE. For hundreds of years, Italy was made of small city-states. One of these […]

Kidsville Connection – August 2017


What makes a rose red rather than pink? A dog’s tail short rather than long? A person’s eyes brown rather than blue? All these factors (and many more) are decided by genetics. Every organism is made of cells, and it is inside these cells that the genetic material lives.

In the 1850s and […]

Come Out and Play – August 2017

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is an ancient game that can be traced back thousands of years. It is widely considered the oldest sport in world history. There is evidence of the game recorded as early as 5200 BCE. The Greeks started playing a similar game between 800 and 600 BCE after they learned the game […]



Humans are scientifically classified as Homo sapiens. This means that humans are part of the Hominidae family. Thousands of years ago, there were other members of the Hominidae family alive as well.

Fossils are classified into species like Homo Habilis, Cro-Magnon, Homo erectus and Neanderthal. These other members of the Hominidae family are often […]

Truman’s Letter – August 2017

Hi, Kids!

Have you ever wondered what makes us each unique? A lot of it has to do with science! The information in the cells that we are made of determines things like hair color, height and skin tone. While scientists have learned a lot about this in recent decades, farmers were in the business […]

Around The World – July 2017

The United States Of America

July 4 is America’s birthday. If you haven’t heard the story by now, you are missing a good one! On June 7, 1776, the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia. The colonists were frustrated. It was Richard Henry Lee who submitted the resolution claiming the 13 colonies should be independent from […]