Truman’s Letter – June 2017

Hi, Kids!
I found a cool rock with a shell imprint in it. My teacher told me it’s called a fossil. I can’t wait for you to learn what I found out about how fossils are made! I had no idea there were so many kinds of fossils! Check it out in the “Connections” section.

Did you know that tree sap is not only part of the fossilization process? it is also used to make art. It can be quite beautiful, and many people even wear it as jewelry. You can read more about it in “Cultural Connections.”

It was really cool to find a fossil. Did you know there are people who study fossils for a living? They are called paleontologists. It must be amazing the things they learn from their work! You can find out more about that in the “What’s It Like to Be …” section.


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