Cultural Connection – March 2017

Dance is an important part of Polish culture. Di erent regions have been practicing specific dances for centuries. Each region has a dance that symbolizes di erent important parts of life. Each dance has a completely different style, and the dancers wear very special traditional costumes. One of the most famous Polish folk dances is called Krakowiak.

  • It comes from the region of Krakow.
  • Krakow was the rst capital of Poland.
  • The dance started in the 16th century.
  • At first, the dance was only performed by men, but now it is danced by men and women.
  • Many consider it the national dance of Poland.
  • The dance is performed in groups of several couples.
  • In the 19th century, the dance became a ballroom dance.
  • The dancers wear bright costumes.
  • The women wear white shirts, colorful vests and owery skirts. All of the clothing is heavily embroidered and covered in sequins, flowers, lace and ribbons.
  • The men wear dark coats and white shirts. Their vests and pants are also decorated with embroidery,metal and brightly colored strings.
  • The tempo is very fast.
  • The dancers turn, jump, run and stamp throughout the dance.
  • It is o en performed in circles or lines.

Poland is famous for many di erent styles of folk dances. Each one is unique. For example, Kujawiak, from the northwest of Poland, is called the “sleeping” dance. Compared to other styles of dance this one is very calm and relaxed. All of these di erent styles of dance that are specific to di erent regions show that even in one country, the Polish people and cultures can be unique and different. Each style represents an important piece of life for the people who perform it. Each one is special and important even though they are all still Polish.

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