US Extreme Weather Review

Weather is an important part of life for people all around the globe. When people talk about weather they mean the temperature and precipitation that changes daily. Precipitation is the water that falls from the sky, like rain or snow. Weather is determined by changes in temperature, air pressure and moisture in the air. Even small changes in these things can turn a beautiful sunny day into a dark and powerful rain storm. The United States has some of the most extreme weather in the entire world, including things like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Weather can be dangerous, but you don’t have to be afraid of it. Instead, be prepared. Learn how to stay safe in the extreme weather that happens near you. The U.S. has many different warning systems to help citizens prepare if there are dangerous conditions. There are also guidelines about how to build special kits full of supplies if there are weather-related emergencies. Some examples of important equipment are flashlights, batteries, clean water and nonperishable food.

  • Hurricanes are created by the warm and moist air in the ocean near the equator.
  • These storms bring strong winds and a lot of rain to the east coast of the U.S.
  • The storms are circular and revolve around the calm center called an “eye.”
  • The winds can reach up to 320 miles per hour.
  • Tornadoes, or twisters, are created by storms in the center of the U.S. in an area called tornado alley.
  • Tornadoes are extremely strong rotating columns of air.
  • The winds can reach up to 480 kilometers per hour.
  • The winds can pick up heavy objects like cars and destroy anything that they come across.

  • The path of a tornado is extremely unpredictable.
  • If a tornado happens over water it is called a water spout.
  • Because tornadoes are so dangerous, they are hard to study and a lot of things about them are still mysterious.
  • Regular storms can also be very dangerous because they bring strong winds and a lot of water.
  • Flooding and loss of power are common problems during storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.

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