Letter From Truman – December 2016

Hi, Kids!
One of my favorite things about this world is how different things are. Animals, plants,
people and even buildings and cars are different. This makes the world an interesting place. But sometimes, when I am the one who feels different, all that variety doesn’t seem so great. My teacher tells our class that being different is what makes each of us special and that we should celebrate our differences. “Connections” talks about some pretty cool people are different, but they didn’t let that keep them from being successful!
The “What’s It Like to Be …” section features Dawn Lehman. She is a cultural anthropologist. Cultural anthropologists study what humans think, believe, say and do. For example, they study how people work, play and eat and what they buy and create. She’s taken on some pretty interesting jobs in her field.
One thing that people have always done is tell stories. “Cultural Connections” talks about folklore and how stories are passed down from one generation to the next. Sometimes these stories are meant to be entertaining, and other times, they are meant to teach us something. What is your favorite story?

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