Hi, Kids!

We are talking about government this month. Understanding our government and how it works is important. In fact, next month, on Tuesday, Nov. 8, our country will elect a new president.

This is something that happens every four years in America. You can learn more about some of the different types of government (because not all countries do things the same way) in the “Connections Section.”

Speaking of government, many schools have their own version of governments. Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and even colleges often have student government associations.

I got to talk to Butch Oxendine this month. His job is to help college-level student governments succeed. You can read more about his job in “What’s It Like to Be …” In this country, our government is based on service to others. The people we elect to represent us go to work every day to serve the American people. “Wildville” takes a look at a different kind of service — service animals. This includes things like dogs that help people know when they are about to have a seizure, search and rescue animals that go out and find people when they get lost, and animals that help guide people who can’t see well.

Service to others is a wonderful thing because not only does it help people, it is also good for the person doing the helping. Whether it is in your family, your classroom or another place in the community, being helpful is a good thing. How can you be helpful to someone today?

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