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Letter From Truman

Hi, Kids!

I just love meeting new people. It is so much fun to learn about what they like to do and the experiences that make them who they are. Sometimes it is fun to learn about people you have never met. One way to do that is to read their biography — the written story of a person’s life. This month in “Connections,” we take a look at Hans Augusto and Margret Rey. They are authors of Curious George. They lived in France during World War II.

Speaking of France, the French are known for their yummy food. I got to talk with Chef Nicholas Calias, CEC, CCA — the Corporate Executive Chef and Director of Food and Beverage for The Colonnade Hotel and Brasserie JO. He specializes in French cooking. Read more about him in the “What’s It Like to Be …” section!

Did you know that famous composer Claude Debussy was from France? His music is often described as like being inside a dream and very light. He has an interesting story. You can read more about him in “Cultural Connections.”

The world is filled with interesting people — including me and you! If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think they would say? What would you want them to say?