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Letter From Truman

Hi Kids!
I love going to birthday parties and celebrating with my friends and family. One of my very favorite birthday celebrations happens this month — America’s birthday! We celebrate it on July 4. My favorite part is going to see the fireworks. What are you doing this July 4th? If you would like to learn more about the original 13 colonies that declared independence from Britain and started this great country we live in, read the “Connections” section.

Paul Revere lived in one of the original colonies and is famous for his midnight ride that warned the colonists that the British were coming, but did you know he was also a silversmith and an illustrator? His silver pieces are worth a lot of money
now. Many of them are in museums. Read more about him in the “Cultural Connections” section.

As our country celebrates its 240th birthday, it is fun to think about what life was like in 1776. I got to talk with Rachael Zuch, a museum curator. She takes care of artifacts from hundreds of years ago. You can read more about her job in the “What’s It Like to Be…” section. Be safe this summer!